Sunday, 23 December 2012

That Christmassy Feeling

Unfortunately it's been hard to get in the Christmas preparations this year.  Since coming home from Germany I've been very sick.  I caught a stomach bug which left me totally devoid of any energy for at least two weeks after.
I had such great plans for handmade presents for my family and friends.  I had patterns ready and materials sourced.   So as difficult as I found it to admit, I just couldn't face to follow through with my plans.  This year I didn't want any extra stress and just wanted to focus on enjoying this precious time with my family.
So decision made, I packed away all my material and wool into the attic and took down the decorations.  The preparation is probably what I like most about Christmas.  Dressing the tree with my kids, the dog sitting at my feet and Christmas songs on the radio, singing along out of tune but at the top of our voices.
Going shopping with the kids as we pick out presents for the family.  Going home and wrapping all we bought, sitting on the floor surrounded by ribbons, bow and multicoloured paper.
Preparing the turkey bath...yes we do give our turkey a bath of spices and oranges and we leave it for about 12 hours before roasting.  This recipe that I got from Nigella Lawson and so worth a try.  The turkey never dries out when cooking.
 Lighting the candle in the lantern that gives a warm welcoming glow at the front door, guiding visitors in the thick fog that we've been having lately.
And last but not least, I love the smell of Christmas.  The smell of the bowl of pine cones mixed with star anise, cinnamon and dried orange pieces which fills the air with the most beautiful aroma.
We have a full house for Christmas dinner but I'm determined to relax and enjoy it and not get at all stressed out.
Have you many for Christmas dinner?
What's your favourite preparations?
Rosie xx


  1. Lovely Christmas preparations. We have already had a big family dinner, so tomorrow is quieter with just our little family of four and my Dad.
    Wishing you a lovely Christmas Day x

  2. I am so ridiculously late with my Christmas good wishes ... allow me to wish you and yours a Happy New Year instead.

    I do hope you are now feeling completely well Rosie :D

  3. ...Lovely christmassy post, though im a bit now i want to wish you a happy new year...
    Pixie xx

  4. This is a lovely post, and I'm sorry I missed it earlier. You were right to put away your projects and focus on the better part of Christmas. And just think, now you have gifts already planned for next year!

    We like to brine our turkeys - they do come out very moist that way.


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