Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Miss Forget-Me-Not

I wanted to write this post to say thank you to a very special lady, Stephanie of  In June of this Year, I contacted Stephanie and asked her if she would make one of her beautiful hares for my daughters eight birthday.

She asked for me to describe Lucy and all that she liked and disliked so that she could get a picture in her mind of who she was making the present for.

We chatted back and forth over the coming weeks and I felt so naughty keeping a secret from Lucy.  She has a knack of getting people to tell the truth!!

I waited with my nerves on edge for my phone to ping with the first photographs of this little beauty. When it finally arrived I found that Stephanie only sent me a picture of the dress.  I was so impatient with excitement at this stage, I felt like I was fit to burst!   But Stephanie was being a little on the cruel side and made me wait a whole day more and even at that only sent me one picture at a time.  You meanie Stephanie!!

With each and every photo I fell in love with this hare more.  I loved all of the little details that made it so very special, the embroidery, the beautiful material for the dress, the little handbag, the lace finished bloomers and of course the sweet little face.
Now all I had to do was wait for it to arrive for Lucy's birthday.

When Lucy opened the package, she screamed with delight. I know my daughter and I know that she really does appreciated anything that's handmade and that she will take great care of it.  She instantly bonded with Miss Forget-Me-Not and I found it very hard to get some pictures of her because every time that I picked her up to take some piccies, Lucy ran over and took her back off me!

My husband sings an old Irish song to Lucy now when he sees her playing with the hare.

The daisies and the roses 
are blooming round the spot
where we parted 
and she whispered
"you'll forget me not".

So thank you very much Stephanie.  It was a real pleasure working with such an incredibly talented lady as you.  You made something that I know my daughter will treasure forever.

Rosie xx


  1. Hello Rosie

    What a beautiful treasure for your daughter -
    Miss For Get Me Not is stunning.

  2. How lovely. Lucy looks very happy with her Rabbit. I have some of the fabric in her dress and it's one of my favorites.

  3. What a cutie your daughter is ... and how fun to see that Mlle Forget-Me-Not was for her! (I remember seeing the photos on Facebook but had no idea who the future owner would be.) Stephanie is so talented. What a keepsake for your daughter to enjoy. Happy Birthday, Lucy! :)

  4. That is the most gorgeous doll!! Or correction... "hare".... your daughter is lovely and Happy Birthday to her!!
    Tammy x

  5. Your daughter is a very lucky girl, and obviously adores her hare. Happy birthday Lucy x

  6. Stunning. love all the details. x

  7. Oh, what a gorgeous gift! Everything that makes handmade so special is here in this hare. There's a lot of love in those details. X

  8. How wonderful! Stephanie is such a talented maker ... each hare is a work of art. Your daughter is very lucky :)

  9. Hi Rosie!
    The bunny is the sweetest and such darling photos of your daughter!! So pretty! Happy sweet day! xo Heather

  10. She is so so gorgeous as is your very lovely daughter. Happy belated 8th birthday. xoxo


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