Monday, 13 January 2014

Out And About

Last week I certainly made a good start to my resolution to get out more and not just hide myself away.  I treated myself to a new hair do on Friday because I was going out with the Hubby.  This mightn't sound much to you, but you wouldn't believe just how often I cancel appointments because I feel like I can't go!!  We went to see Irish comedian Niall Delamare in one of the local theatres.  It was a great night and I laughed until I had a pain in my side.  We both enjoyed it thoroughly, even though the comedian said I laughed like someone strangling an otter!! What I'd like to know is, how does he know what a strangled otter sounds like??

  A break in the bad weather allowed me to bring the dog out for a few walks along the canal.  Molly was in her element and her little tail never stopped wagging from the time we got out of the car.  On the day that I took these pictures it was still only about 1.5°C outside and large patches of remained floating on the waters surface.  Normally Molly would be straight in for a swim as soon as she found a nice spot to climb down the bank but it was just too nippy, even for her.

Not even the sight of the geese in the water could entice her in.  She hopped from one paw to another with indecision.  "To chase the geese or not!  What do you think Rosie?", she asked me with her big brown eyes.  Eventually she gave in though and soon found something else to hold her interest for a while.

I simply love the varying colours of blue in the sky of a clear winters day.  It is nearly as if it had been dipped dyed that very morning.  If you look very closely, you'll be able to see a very faint afternoon moon too.

Another morning I also visited the ISPCA centre.  The national centre is just up the road from us and it really is a great facility.  They have huge range of pets housed there, from cats and dogs to chickens and pot bellied pigs, horses to rabbits.  I wanted to volunteer to help out but after taking a walk around I think that I'm going to have to put a lot of thought into it first.  I broke my heart to see such beautiful animals abandoned and looking for a loving home.  If I was there all the time I would want to bring them all with me and not leave any behind!  The little dote above is called Chloe and has been there for months now.  People tend to look for kittens and puppies rather than fully grown animals but they should look more at the character of the pet first.  This little lady was so gentle and affectionate and just clung to me not wanting me to leave her.  I cried a lot on the drive home that day.

Here is something that cheered me up though.  Can you see the heart shape in the glass of our stove??  It's a heart in our hearth!!  The flames can make all strange shapes on the glass but this was the first heart that we have had.  Love it!!

Rosie xx


  1. I'm glad to hear you had such a great night out Rosie - but such a pity that when those mad comedians make such comments at individuals in the audience that we don't have opportunity to 'hit' back; I think there could have been another story there if he'd heard what you wanted to say!!!
    What lovely weather to get yourself and Molly out and about, the sky and water look fabulous.
    I feel so very sad for that poor little kitty - I would have cried too, for even reading your words and seeing her pic really pulled at my heartstrings!
    What could be better than a heart in your hearth - now that makes a home, and it's beautiful.
    I wish you a wonderful week of out-ing and about-ing! Hugs, Joy x

  2. This sounds like you have had some lovely time and the pictures are lovely. I would find it hard to work with animals that are in a shelter but if you have the time to volunteer then think of it perhaps as giving them a little snatch of love to tide them over till their forever owner arrives.

  3. Hello Rosie,

    I simply wanted to wish you a Very Happy New Year full of precious moments of joy, creativity and love.


  4. What a lovely gentle post Rosie. Your night out sounds lovey apart from the comedian's comments.
    Beautiful pictures of gorgeous weather. The poor, poor animals I would be in tears also.

  5. Hello Rosie and happy new year to you lovely!! It is so lovely to hear that you had a good night out, we love good live comedy, it sure makes for the best nights out. I personally agree, I always want to bring all the animals back to ours too, it is so sad to see how little regard people have for their pets, it is really appalling!!! I would also love to volunteer, but I am not sure I could stand seeing them and then leaving them there!! Wishing you a lovely week xoxo

  6. ~ Happy of happiest new years, Rosie! ~ Your evening sounds just the tonic for a great night out..I LOVE that you could volunteer at the pets rescue centre...Goodness I'd been there...
    but like you I'd break my heart and be bringing home a good few pets to join my four felines... I adore all animals, some times more than people!
    " Do what makes your heart smile ) this week...
    Hugs Maria x

  7. What a lovely walk you have there, that poor cat, I've just had my stray cat visit me, she doesn't usually come inside but she did today...I had a whole 10 minutes with her before she wanted to go exploring again :) x

  8. So glad you had a nice evening out. Those beautiful animals break my heart, so many need nice, warm homes. It would be tough to volunteer there, but they all need a lot of love even at the facility they are in.
    Hugs to you,

  9. I love laughter and I'm glad you had such a good time going out. Your walk with Molly sounds beautiful- your photos certainly are! I know what you mean about the animals. I always cry when I leave a place full of so many that deserve so much love. I want them all too.

  10. Having helped to set up and run a whippet rescue in the past I do know how heart breaking the work can be ... but if you can get past that and think of the good you can do helping these animals find forever homes it can be tremendously rewarding.

    Gorgeous sunny pics in this post ... I hope all is still bright with you :)

  11. Aw I think I would have cried too! what a beautiful kitty. We adopted a seven year old cat and he has the sweetest nature.
    It is nice to get out it get get stuffy staying in all the time in the winter x

  12. i make hair appointments and cancel them all the time... having someone else touching my hair is not something i really enjoy.

  13. I love your outdoor photos. Poor kitty, I too would have cried.

  14. Just a quick note lovely Rosie to say that I am just in the process of typing up a post about an ME award I have received. I am nominating you and I just wanted to check that you were ok with this?? Just leave me a comment on my latest post please. Thanks xxx


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