Monday, 11 May 2015

A Little Glimpse At Benny

I never thought that the day would come that I would actually be getting out into Benny.
It was only two weeks ago we organised the last of the boxes.

My Attic 24 Blanket keeps us warm on the cooler days on the little comfy second hand couch. (it's still waiting for the ends to be woven in, too busy lately to get around to that)

Hateful as plastic is, living in the bog means moths and lots of them so to keep my yarn safe I have to sort them in plastic boxes. A box for each yarn weight.  There is probably about 12 boxes out there and I won't tell you a lie, there is still a lot more stored in the attic!

The threads and scissors are waiting for a display stand to be put up on the wall.

Pardon the blurry picture!

I love these door knobs. My hubby bought them for me last year as a little pressie.

This just had to come out here with me. I bought it in Munich a few years ago and I love it. 
The picture is painted on the reverse side of the glass itself.

I bought these wooden mushrooms at the Lamb festival. 
One Is worked from Ash and the other Hazel.

This also came from the Lamb Festival and we nicknamed him Ouch as he is to become my new pincushion!

The first job that I had to do when I moved in was to sew a new ironing board cover.
It's probably the worst sewing job that I've ever done. 
I really need practice more with my sewing, the machine was stored away for far too long.

Here is one little visitor to the studio that does not want us doing any work, except of course if that entails giving her tickles under the chin!!

It's hard to believe that Benny was once a sad mobile home with a leaking roof and holes in the floor.
Now he is bright and cheery and a home from home for me.
My little escape and just what I've always dreamed of.



Little bits are slowly popping up around the mobile.  Decorative pieces that just seem to grow and appear naturally.  Not planned in any way.  Just the way that I like it.

I'm not even in it two months and already my work table is a total mess.  At least the trees outside the window are growing rapidly and offering no distractions.


  1. Wow, I can hardly tell that's a mobile home! It looks like a full-on house to me. You're really made it comfy and cozy for yourselves.

  2. Hurrah, you're all done! Wishing you much happy making Rosie :)

  3. Major studio envy going on here! It looks wonderful. I love those little spool-of-thread lights (at least they look like square spools of thread to me). Have fun in your pretty space. :)

    P.S. Fingering weight (or sock weight) yarn is just a step up (thicker) from laceweight. In the US we use this system for classifying yarn:

    You could really use any weight yarn for the Daisy Chain pattern, though you might want to adjust the number of chains and the size of the tall stitches that make up the "petals".


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