Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bosca Beatha

We spent this week travelling around after the two fishermen in the family.  And at this time of the year we always return to a little village in Sligo called Easkey.  There is a strange peacefulness that comes over me when we turn down the small coastal road to park a mere five metres away from the waves of the high tide. The sound of the waves soothing and the wind rocking the campervan gently like babes in a cradle.  Even the children love this simple place despite the fact that some say that there is not much to do there.  But we always find ourselves something to keep ourselves busy whether it is walking, cycling or hunting for fossils.
This year there were some new people to meet here.  Not far from us and right beside the sea Shirley, Nin and Co. set up a mobile sauna.  What better way for the surfers or walkers to relax than to gather and chat in the heat of the sauna and then to cool down in the sea.  Brilliant idea!! 

Could you ever think of a better place to have a sauna in the world?
Shirley told me that they also loved it there in Easkey but were going to be moving around the country and Cork would be the next stop.   But you can keep up with them at
Here is Nin, Shirley's dog that my kids totally fell in love with, not to mention our dog molly.  Lovable dog she is too.

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