Thursday, 10 April 2014


Still. I seem unable to get to grips with the blogging part of my life.  I just don't seem to be able to get that part of my brain functioning properly, even though I'm missing it greatly.  I'm missing reading through all your bright, fun and inspirational blogs every day.

And the reason for this....

Above was the view I had from my hospital bed last week.  I went in for a review of my medication and the usual IV steroids to help with my fibromyalgia.  I was also due to get some tests done and for seven days I was prodded, poked, x-rayed and scanned and still left none the wiser.  Right now it is not something that I would really feel comfortable discussing here right now as I'm still awaiting more testing to be arranged in a different hospital.

The waiting is probably the hardest part but at least now I'm home with my family all around me.  During the week in hospital I was all alone because it was too long for the Hubby to drive with the kids after school.  And seeing no familiar faces made for one very long week!!

But being me, I didn't waste my time and worked hard on the squares for my blanket.  Lucy had wound some smaller balls of yarn for me to bring along so that I would have a variety of colours with me.  Such a thoughtful little woman!

As you can see, I did manage to get quite a few done!  And now I only have a few more squares to complete before the time to join them all up begins.  That's the fun part!!

I was really delighted, and somewhat surprised, to see this months copy of Reloved in the hospital shop.  It was great to get thinking about decorations for the Easter holiday while I was in there.

One final thing before I go.  There is a sign on the wall of the hospital that is so true, I just had to take a picture of it and show you.  The photo quality is not great but to me it makes little difference to the meaning.....

Hoping to have a more cheery post soon with a nearly finished blanket.

Rosie xx


  1. What a lovely inspirational quote in the hospital and what a pity you had to endure the week alone. Hoping all your tests and readjustments went well and you'll be able to avoid a return trip.
    Hugs, RedSetter

  2. I do love that quote Rosie, but so sorry you had to be away from your loved ones for so long! I wish you the very best and hope the test results bring some answers that will help with your health issues!
    Love, Joy xo

  3. Hi Rosie. I hope you find relief from your pains, etc soon. Crochet is great for filling in time, but much better to be with your loved ones.
    Take care
    S xx

  4. So true, that saying.

    I'm glad you're back with your family, and I hope the next round of testing goes as well as it can and yields some helpful results. You certainly got some good work in while sitting in that hospital room! The blanket will be beautiful.

    Hang in there - and we are so glad to hear from you any time you are able to post. Hugs to you.

  5. I'm sorry you're having a hard time, Rosie. I hope you're doing better soon. I'm glad you're back home now. I'm having a giveaway on my blog, if it would cheer you up to enter it. :)

  6. Hello sweetie. I am so sorry to hear that the last week has been so difficult for you and this waiting game with little answers can drive one a little crazy. I really hope they they can shed some light on things for you. How very true is that quote and especially for all of us struggling with fybromyalgia and ME. I am thinking of you my dear and I promise an email when I return home. I am sending you much love and I am so pleased to hear that you are back home now. Beautiful crochet work. Take care of yourself. Much love xxxx

  7. Lets hope it's all worth it in the end...I've been out of action with a broken hip, healthy crown back on now but I'm checking it every day! Love to see the blanket when its finished. Best wishes from Eco Ethel xx

  8. Dear Rosie, sending love and light your way wrapped in the biggest hug!
    Ooh my that quote is so very apt my friend..
    We are here and will be too, when you feel a little more like your self....
    Give your self time to heal...
    With kindest thoughts...
    maria x

  9. Hi Rosie,
    I had a stop by your blog as I like the title: old magnolia tree ,I just plant a magnolia tree last year in my garden. It is one of my favorite tree! And I have Read your post and I saw You have fibromyalgia.
    My mum too!
    And I know It Can be very hard to live with It and feeling Alone is part of Dailly..
    I m looking forward your Woolly creation ( It is Good to be occupied by craft work)
    Take care.
    Miss. xx

  10. I hope that you can get some sort of result from all of this and that things can be improved in your life. Take care of yourself in the meantime. Your crochet looks lovely, it is amazing how it can help to have something to do with your hands to keep your mind occupied isn't it. xx

  11. I'm glad you are back with your family. Hospital stays can be very lonely when family can't be there. I hope you get the results from your tests quickly and start getting better. I'm glad you had your crochet with you.


  12. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, and had such a long stay in hospital. It is quite right that good health is something that we don't really appreaciate when we have it. Ginny x

  13. Hi Rosie. Thanks for popping by and glad the link was some use. Sorry to hear about your hospital stay and hope it all helps in the end. Will look forward to seeing the finished blanket , its looking good so far. Jenny.

  14. I hope you find out only good news. Your blanket is going to be so beautiful.

  15. That is some view, but I'm sure it didn't compensate for not seeing your family. I do hope the hospital can sort you out. As you know I have Fibro and ME and RA so I do understand, and that quote is so apt. Hugs x

  16. Sorry to hear that you had been in the hospital. I hope everything is all right now. Waiting to see your finished blanket.

  17. Hi Rosie, I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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