Thursday, 23 April 2015

I'm Happy Little Bunny

Before I begin I just want to say, thank you so much to all the lovely ladies who left a comment or sent emails on my last post.  The things that you said really touched me and I greatly appreciated it.

Now, aren't I quite the naughty one! 
 I have just returned to blogging after months of a break and what do I do? 
Only go and disappear again for a few weeks. 
Initially it was because I was getting warning signs that the stress from the previous months was coming back to bite me on the bum.  
First my sleeping pattern was disturbed and then my pain levels rose.
But I didn't push things.
I took things easy and rested when I could.
I understood that my body was struggling to deal with all the pressure that I had put it under.
I'm not saying that I'm pain free or anything now but I definitely more relaxed and sleeping better.
I also was having problems remembering words, which happens sometimes when I'm overtired, making very hard to put a sentence to together.
If I had written a blog post it probably be total gobble-dee-gook.

A couple of things really helped with my recovery. 
The first is the unbelievable span of great weather we've been having here in Ireland.
Every day we've been getting out for walks straight after school.
Down to the canal we go so that the dogs, especially Molly, can go for a swim.
She gets in the water as soon as she sees it and swims along the bank as we walk. Only occasionally stopping and refusing to go on until my son throws a stick out to the water for her to retrieve.
Mad thing is she won't even play fetch on land!!

Another thing that has cheered me up greatly is that we have finally finished my studio, otherwise known as Benny in this family. 
Benny is a gutted and refurbished mobile home that we turned into a studio for me and a playroom for the kids.
The kids up one end and my work space down the other.  

Thing is that the kids toys seem to somehow hover very slowly over to my side of Benny 'all on their own', according to my kids!
My Hubby got the stove set up and the chimney built.
It looks so cute when it's lit.
No pictures yet though because I want to add some more homemade bits and pieces around the place and work there for a while before I can find everythings own 'right place'.
I'll post some little sneak peaks as I get things finished.

I have also managed to get a few little crafty bits and pieces done over the last few weeks but i'm going to wait until the next post to share them with you. 
Must go now and head off for our daily walk.
I hope to chat to you all soon in blogland.
Rosie xx


  1. I read your previous post and good to hear that you have been a brave girl. Glad that things are getting better. Love to see your studio.

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words. They are very heart warming.
      R xx

  2. So glad you are feeling better, fatigue and pain are so debilitating. Benny sounds like an amazing place to work, specifically with your kids near by so you can monitor them while you create.

    Can't wait to see your new space.

    1. I don't know about me monitoring them or them monitoring me?? They love coming out with me and just hanging out and so I bearly ever get anything done!

  3. Happy Spring to you Rosie - enjoy that lovely weather! I hope the pain goes away and stays away. Keep resting whenever you need to.

    Can't wait to see Benny from the inside. :)

    What kind of dog is the other one (the non-swimmer)?

  4. Wow, impressive looking cupboard with all that beautiful fabric. Those 2 dogs are a real delight.

    1. Yes now all I have to do is figure out a way of turning it all into something pretty. Sounds easy when you say it quick but I'm a very bad at making decisions and sticking with it. That's why I have so many WIP left lying around the place!!

  5. I'm loving the look of that cupboard. Hurrah for studio spaces!

    The word thing gets me too when I'm really tired, and I know other fibro/cfs sufferers with the same problem. I draft posts and as I go I type xxx in place of the words I can't think of. And then I read the posts back again once or twice over the day and usually the words come. One day I'm going to accidentally publish a post with those xxx's though and folks will think I've finally lost the plot.

    Look after yourself Rosie.


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