Thursday, 22 November 2012

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

This was the conversation between my daughter Lucy and myself at bedtime last night;

Lucy: Mammy how did you catch that thing that you have?
Me: What thing Lucy?
Lucy: That fibrobibo thing that you have?  Who did you get it from?
Me: Well it's not like a cold.  You don't just catch it.
Lucy: How did you get it then?
Me: The doctors don't know.  sometimes something goes wrong in the body and it doesn't work properly.
Lucy:  So why are you in pain all the time.  What's broken?
Me:  When you get a cut on your finger, there is a little signal sent to the brain saying that you are in pain.  But with me it's like a a cd with a scratch in it.  The same message is being sent over and over again.
Lucy: So you're not really in pain.  So if we just distracted you all the time and made you think of other things, then the messages wouldn't get through.
Me: Giggle.  Yea Lucy maybe we could try that!
Lucy:  Well what are the doctors going to do to fix it?
Me:  The doctors don't know how to fix it.
Lucy:  Well then I've got a good plan Mammy.  When I say my prayers tonight, I'm going to ask God what can be done to fix you.  During the night God will tell me and then I'll tell you and then you can tell the doctors and then you can be fixed.  Hey Presto!


  1. How sweet. Our children always seem to find the right words, don't they?


  2. Of such is the kingdom of heaven. :)

  3. Don't you just love their simplicity! When I had a spell of not being able to stand up properly (the world kept spinning!) my eldest asked me if I had been drinking wine! Wish I had! :)

  4. I love the innocence that children have; every thing is so straight forward and simple in their world - if it could stay like that as they grow!

    Thank-you for your lovely comments on my blog; yours looks truly intriguing, I am off to check it out better now.
    Happy Sunday!
    Sarah xox


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