Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Some Silly Ramblings

Things have not been too easy the last few days.  I had to go to the clinic and get some steroid injections into my hips!  I know, yuk or what?  If I'm really honest it is quite embarrassing  getting this done.  After my appointment with the doc, I then have to move into the nurses office while she gets the injections ready for the doctor.  While waiting I need to pull down my trousers and lie on the bed with my knicker clad bum sticking out over the side like an avalanche on pause.  This time I decided to wear a giant pair of  pink hippo undies that say "does my bum look big in this?"  Well it definitely eased the tension in the room! But the down side of getting these done is that is that it limits my agility for a couple of days.
Last night I just spent a relaxing evening cutting pieces of fabric squares with the kids to make a patchwork table runner for Chrimbo.  We agreed that they are going to decide the lay-out while I do the stitching on the machine.  Wish us luck.  It'll be my first attempt at patchwork.
I had a fantastic thrift shop find the other day.  When I walked into the shop this little beauty was sitting on the counter and I knew it just had to be mine.  It's a lovely 70's Roly light with all of the original fittings intact.  And all for only a fiver!  The Hubbie put it up last night and it looks better than I would have expected.
And last but not least, I finally got a photo of the Molly dog in the car.  I  really do think that she's under the impression that she's a meerkat.  She comes in the car everywhere with me, even on the two minute journey to the kids school. From 2:30 each day she sits at the front door waiting to go and pick up the kids.  How do they do that?

Sorry for all the mad ramblings today. Must be all the pain killers!  Have you got a funny doctor story?  Or a dog that can tell the time?

Chat you all soon,


  1. 7 dogs that can tell the time here. Around about 6.00 pm they all stand noses to the the living room door, like iron filings around a magnet ... they know their 'Dad' will soon be home!

    I feel your pain re. the hips ... between the RA and the ME/Fibro I know all about those darn injections. Be well m'dear x

  2. If you have to have injections and I do for RA, then having on pink hippo undies is the way to go. I got a laugh about that. Wish I had thought of it. Sorry you are having trouble and hope the injections help. Just take it easy for a few days and give them time to work.

    My Huskey knows what time supper is. If I'm not walking toward his dish at 5:30 sharp, he is whining and barking. : )


  3. I really hope those injections are working!

    No, our dog cannot tell the time but, our almost one year old is making us so proud because he sits and gives us his paw when we ask him to. Ahh, the proud parents that we are :-)


  4. Yeah for pink hippo knickers!!


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