Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ta Dah!

I've been determined to knit a pair of fingerless mittens for myself before I go to Germany.  I've made plenty in the past but always the simple ones that have no thumb gusset.  I was totally terrified starting this one if I'm totally honest.  Thumb gussets are one of those things that I've forever been afraid of, like fair isle knitting, aran jumpers (and people wearing them!), the size of a crocheted bedspread, the boogy man under my bed and a running gingerbread man!
But I decided that I was going to face at least one of these fears and I signed up for the 'Gloves and Mittens Galore' course on www.craftsy.com. I love craftsy courses. They really help when there are no classes available to you.  And living in the Irish midlands believe me when I say that there are absolutely NO classes being run in the area.  But with craftsy they are alwaya there whenever I have time to spare.
I was much more hopeful after watching the class and so I picked up my dpns and started a pattern that I got from ravelry by designer Susie Rogers.  Here's how the first mitten turned out:
Very blurry picture.  Sorry about that but I was trying one-handed photography.
I'm really proud of the thumb gusset.  It's not totally perfect but not bad for a first attempt.  There'll be no stopping me now.
What are you scared of?  Is there an obstacle that you've overcome lately?
Chat you soon,
Rosie xx


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous mitt! The colours, the trim - perfect.

    I am scared of knitting socks. So scared that I won't even try.


  2. What a lovely way to conquer a fear, doing something so productive ... they're lovely mitts :D

  3. Hey Rosie,
    Why don't you run a course?!
    x B

  4. I think I'm scared of one-handed fingerless mitten wearers from the wilds of Ireland, impressive thumb gusset or not!! That, and heights really ; -)

    1. Ah boh hoo! My bottom lip is jutting out a mile and quivering like jelly. I thought that I may not be quite normal....but scary? It never crossed my mind.


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