Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What Will I Do NOW????

We woke yesterday morning to a beautiful bright blanket of snow.  It was a day that I had been dreading for a few weeks now.  It has been on my mind during the day and creeping into my dreams at night.  I had an appointment in the hospital for tests and I wasn't sure how long I would have to stay in.  Now I love a break every bit as much as the next woman but I could easily think of several more desirable places to go.
After several hours of being sedated, poked and prodded, x-rayed and scanned and injected with needles that looked big enough to use on a horse, they told me that I could go home once I found out the results from the consultants.
Firstly they said that I had a hernia.  Fair enough I thought, I do take a bucket load of medication each and every day.....this is not an exaggeration by the way!  This is something that I can deal with.
Next they told me that my fibro is slipping back to what is was before and presenting itself in some different symtoms.   That too is okay.  I've been fighting it for the last nine years.  I'm just going to have to fight a little bit harder.
But the most crushing of all came last.  When I had thought that I had a trapped nerve in my shoulder last week from crocheting, I was wrong.  I had thorn the dorsal muscle in my back.  The proper name was big and had lots of letters in it and could only be pronounced by a champion at tongue twisters so the doc gave me a simpler one to remember.  He told me that I must rest lots in the next few weeks and try to stretch it.  But also I mustn't do any knitting or crochet........WHAT??  Me not do any knitting or crochet.  Is he mad?  I would go mad.  This is the only thing that keeps me anyway sane.
But he said that I must just grin and bear it.
Today was my first day of going cold turkey and the yarn withdrawal was cruel.  Several times I caught myself picking up my WIP and starting, only to be screamed at by one of the kids for being naughty.  I know that I'm going to be dreaming of nothing but yarn for weeks until I can once again wrap that lovely soft yarn around my fingers as I hook in and out and make some bright and colourful granny squares for the campervan blanket.  And what of the toddler blanket?  If I don't finish it soon, it will have to be a teenagers blanket!!


Before I go, I must thank everybody for their help with my sewing machine query.  I've had a lot of tips and ideas to try from your comments and emails.  From talking and singing to the machine (I might leave out the singing one through, I've known tougher machines than this to come to a screaming halt at my singing) and thread and bobbin changes to even rebuilding it with the help of youtube.  I'm sure that I shall figure it out soon.  I will have to as I now have no other craft to keep me sane for the moment.  It will give me an excuse to catch up on my sewing jobs and not be so easily distracted by my yarn stash.

Thanks for listening to my ranting on.
Rosie x


  1. I'm so sorry that you can't do your crocheting or knitting, I know it must be hard, but last summer I broke my leg and couldn't do any walking! So I feel your pain! It's hard, but try to think of other things that might get you through... is there anything else that you absolutely love that you could do?
    I hope you heal quickly, Much love, Tammy

  2. Oh no! Try and rest though, it will help in the long run, take the time to plan your next project! :) x

  3. So sorry to hear that your muscles are misbehaving. Happy to postpone the swap until your mended. Award yourself a big chocolate medal for being so brave. Eco Ethel xx

  4. Oh dear! So sorry to hear :-(
    Try your hardest to stay away from your yarn though....maybe look on Pinterest for lots of project inspiration, so when you're all better you'll have a list of pretties to make?

    Take care!
    Sarah xx

  5. I agree. Maybe you could use this time to plan lots of projects, organise your ideas etc. (this is coming from one of the most disorganised people I know - me!)Treat yourself to some nice yarny books and magazines and DON'T GIVE IN! Take care x

  6. Hi I've just nominated you for a Leibster Award! xxx

  7. Poor Rosie. I hope you can manage to rest and leave the yarn alone. Just remember, when you heal completely, you will feel much better and be able to enjoy your yarn again. Grab some books, a warm drink, and relax, girl!


  8. Ahh hope you feel better soon and the cold turkey dosen't get too bad!! Chocolate! you need lots of it! Karen x

  9. Oh Rosie, I do hope your back heals quickly, what a nightmare!

    Won't bending forwards to your sewing machine strain your back too? I do hope not x


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