Thursday, 31 January 2013

What A Week!

Trying to keep to my resolution of only working on one project at a time this year, I've been working very hard on the toddler blanket that I want to finish. And with the broadband being out of order for nearly two weeks, I've been putting in more hours than I normally would.  But unfortunately being more of a knitter than a crocheter, this put quite a bit of strain on me an by Sunday night I could no longer move my arm.  I had managed to trap a nerve in my shoulder !!  what a wally am I??

So now that I can't knit or crochet for a while, what will I do next, I ask myself (not so politely I must be honest).  Perfect opportunity to get started on my sewing.  Thankfully the fabric for the gigantic curtains has yet to arrive and I can potter on at the smaller things that need doing.  I chose a beautiful selection of fabrics from my stash to make some cushion covers.   I cut out what shapes and patterns that I needed together with any trims that I had.  All ironed and pinned and sat down to my sewing machine to get started and what do you think happened?  The tension would not set on my machine.  Believe me when I tell you that the air was nearly blue in the kitchen today with all the words that I screamed at the sewing machine.  But no matter how much I tried the tension just would not set.  Whether I turned it up or down, I still ended up with massive loops at the back and stitches not even catching at the front.  Wish my Dad was still with us, he would have fixed it in a jiffy.  Would any of you know how to fix this problem, before I fling it into the bogs of middle Ireland, preserved by nature to be discovered in a few thousand years as some ancient artifact.

I just don't know what is going on with the technology in this house.  It's like an all out strike.  First the internet, then my sewing machine and finally the kids xbox.  
This has made me wonder if all this technology is really worth the effort.  
Is there enough benefits to qualify all the work and costs that are involved when something goes wrong?  
Were we lost before without it or did we just cope fine? 
Is simplicity the answer? 
But then again I wouldn't be able to follow all your lovely blogs.
I'm undecided!  What do you think?
Rosie xx


  1. Ahh Rosie what a time you are having at the moment, it must be frustrating not to be able to knit or crochet at the moment! How frustrating. About your sewing machine, sometimes when customers come into the sewing shop where I work with this problem, I check that the bobbin is wound on nice and tight first, as nine times out of ten we find it is that or perhaps just by changing your thread?
    What machine do you have? When I'm at work next I can always ask our engineer also? Perhaps by then you will have it sorted? I do agree with you on more of 'a simple life'.I think we all try to fit too much in in day because there just seems so much more to deal with now. As a child I remember how it felt to be bored! haha Karen x

  2. I talk to my machine when she starts playing up, tell her I love her, it works sometimes, depending on her mood ;) little parcel sent off today for you! :) x

  3. Golly, what a week!

    Is the bobbin thread going through all the right little slots and things? (Sorry I don't know the technical way to say this.) With my sewing machine, if the bobbin thread slips out of one of the little catch-y things it can behave like that. Or it could be the top thread - did it jump out of one of the slots along the line somewhere?

    How very frustrating for you. My sewing machine gets cold in winter and stops unexpectedly in the middle of seams. And always during really large projects too.

    I sometimes wonder if all the electronics are worth it - but as you say we can at least keep in touch by computer. Hope your weekend is better - and be careful with the shoulder. (I have to stop and stretch, and do shoulder shrugs, when I crochet for long periods of time.)


  4. I think that the darn things have built in obsolescence ... they're designed to break so we need to buy new ... which is positively criminal when you stop to think about it. All that utility furniture that's still going strong and today's sofas that last 5 minutes ... grrr! Oops, sorry, rant over.

    No idea what to try with the sewing machine I'm afraid. I do hope things pick up for you soon Rosie x

  5. I've been there! I remember thinking to myself 'see it all as an opportunity to try something different' - it didn't help! Hopefully by now at least some of your technology is back on track - and your tulips are beautiful x

  6. Poor you with your trapped nerve, I had a similar problem and eventually had to see a Physio because the pain got unbearable and I couldn't sleep on my right shoulder! Don't wait till it gets so painful that you can't bear it as it may take time for your GP to refer to a physio x
    As for thecnology...well I also sometimes think about the more simple life without it.. especially when it goes wrong! Our 12 year old daughter was fascinated that my mum couldn't see Elivs whom she loved as a teen on you tube! Oh dear back to basics :o)
    Take care and thanks for visiting my blog xox Penelope


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