Sunday, 6 January 2013

All For The Love Of Harry Potter

We've all become slightly obsessed with Harry Potter here in this house.  The kids got the complete set of films as a Christmas present and every night since we have sat together and watched the each instalment.  Being a massive fan of anything that captures or feeds the imagination, I was completely enthralled in this fantastic magical story.  Each of the characters are so incredibly well developed and the acting is just outstanding with performances from some of the biggest names from England, and one or two from Ireland too.  It was such a joy to watch
 My children said that they felt like Harry, Ron and Hermione had become their friends by the time that it all came to an end.  But they loved Hagrid the best.
My hat goes off to JK Rowling.  She is one very creative lady.  Each story twists and turns and she keeps you guessing right to the very last.  I'd love to know where she got such great names like Dumbledoor, Hagrid and Snape.
The day after each film, while out for a walk or in the car (not travelling by broomstick unfortunately), the kids loved to chatter on about what happened in the previous night's film and all of the characters.  Lucy asking all the while if she could go to Hogwarts too when she turns 11 years of age.  And wouldn't I love to join her much fun would that be!  Tonight we watched the final episode and there wasn't a sound nor a movement in the house except for the sound the sound of the tv and our gasps when things got exciting.  What a big child I am, I know but I just cannot help it.  I love to live in a world where my imagination can run wild.



  1. I'm a great believer in using one's imagination - at any age!
    The happiest of New Year's to you and your family!

  2. Welcome to Harry Potter Land! My girls believe everything they've ever learned has come from the pages of J.K. Rowling!! : -)

  3. Hi

    Glad you want to take part in the swap.

    My girls love Harry Potter, but we gave up because the films were always so dark it was impossible to see what was actually going on most of the time. Is it just us I wonder, maybe we need better glasses?

  4. Love how you share the same love for Harry Potter with your children! :D
    Do check out my etsy shop if you have the time, I have harry potter and dumbledore bookmarks for sale :)

    Have a good day and keep up your great website!


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