Saturday, 5 January 2013

The 'Empty My Stash' Year

This new year brings a very big change for our family. As of Monday my Hubbie will be returning to college. I'm very proud of him as its a very big step to take at the tender age of..... 21 and a bit. But it's something that he's wanted to do for a very long time.
So for the next couple of years the pennies are going to be tight in our household. I'm going to look at it as a challenge though.
A chance to be as thrifty and frugal as my imagination allows and to prove to myself that I can really do this. The fun starts here!
The biggest promise that I'm making is to not buy any yarn or fabric at all in 2013 and use up the majority if not all of my very extensive stash. Over the last four months I've had a serious lull in my creativity. I saw some of the most beautiful designs and patterns but nothing at all inspired me or got me excited about trying it. I tipped away at a few projects that i had on the go but all with little enthusiasm. I knew that this would pass in its own time, so I decided just to enjoy the rest. Over the Christmas holidays I started knitting a pair of mittens for my daughter and I found that I enjoyed it terribly. And all in good time too for me to start the 'empty my stash' promise. I intend to start by finishing some big projects that have sat unfinished for a while in my wool basket, especially the blanket that I started over a year ago for my friends son who celebrated his first birthday last month. Sorry Bernie!
Looking through my boxes of yarn and material yesterday, ideas flowed freely once more... ..much to my relief I must say. So I'm hoping that I'll have lots more crafty posts to put up this year.
Well you heard it here first and i am very serious about carrying this promise through. Wish me luck with my endeavours!
Has your creativity ever abandoned you? Have beautiful things failed to inspire? How did you restore your former crafty self?
Rosie xx


  1. Oh yes, the creativity takes regular sabbaticals. But it always seems to bounce back - usually when I'm busy with something else. :)

    I like your stash-busting resolution. When I got back into yarn crafts a couple of years ago, I resolved to buy one skein of yarn at a time, use it for a project, and only then buy the next. (I failed miserably and am now swimming in yarn. Not to mention the beads and fabric from previous crafty phases.)

    Good luck to both of you in your endeavours!

  2. I do admire a serious stash busting project :D I really should do the same! But then how would I review stuff for the blog!

    Good luck to your husband, and a Happy (thrifty) New Year to you all Rosie, and may 2013 bring you all that you wish for x

  3. Haha - better make it a big blanket missus, he's growing like a weed!
    x B

  4. Good luck with your stash busting! Will await those finished projects ... no pressure ; -)


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