Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Big Project On The Cards

I have two secret loves.  The first one is that I love making curtains. I have made all of my own curtains for my house.  Shop bought curtains are so expensive and are not very well made.  I love the whole process of searching for and choosing the right material and suitable lining.
My mother is redecorating her sitting room and knowing my love of sewing and making curtains, asked me to help her out.  And this is going to be one very big project.  Literally.  The windows in the room are massive so just one curtain is 4.2 metres wide!!!!  That's 8.4 metres of material on just one window.  And there are two windows with the same measurement.  So for the next month I will be swimming in giant swathes of material.
My Mum also asked me to make new curtains for her kitchen and cushions for both rooms also.  I am really looking forward to starting work on this.  It will give me something to sink my teeth into and focus on.  And if i'm honest, I do like a bit of pressure too.  I can't leave my Mum with no curtains, now can I?


The other thing that I absolutely adore, is collecting tins.  Sweet tins, biscuit tins, sewing tins.....my house if full of them.  Unfortunately I haven't as of yet found any vintage tins.  They're not that easy to find here in Ireland.
But I was routing yesterday in my attic and I found this little beauty.  It is a Churchill Jelly Bean tin that I bought a few years ago for my daughter.

Each detail is raised off the tin and each side shows a different scene.

This is definitely a keeper and will be in our family a long time.  It is just soo cute.  Or am I being a bit daft over a sweet tin??

What do you like to collect?


  1. Good luck with the curtains!!! That's some window!
    The tin is great lots of detail, keep searching, you never know when a vintage tin will appear! :) x

  2. Oh yes - one can never have too many tins! Or notebooks for that matter! Happy sewing, xx

  3. Hey Rosie, that tin is just wonderful, I love it...........I think I would pass up a vintage tin for this one any day.
    All the best with the curtains, sounds like you're going to be busy for a bit.

    Claire :}

  4. That tin is absolutely stunning!

    You are impressive, making such BIG curtains. I only ever made them as we needed them, I never enjoyed it though.

  5. What a gorgeous tin. I've seen quite few lovely new tins this Christmas and been very tempted to buy some as 'vintage tins of the future' but it's hard to justify! Good luck on the curtains - I'm sure they will be beautiful x

  6. Hi Rosie, thankyou for your lovely comments!! Nice to meet you. I love your collection of tins...so pretty. I guess I could say I collect shelves haha...also cardigans....I have so many, I just love them! Look forward to reading more of your posts and thankyou for following me :) x


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