Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Very Thoughtful Gift

I received this cute little 'Happy Bag' from a friend as a Christmas present.  When I first opened the package I was baffled that somebody would give me a bag with string, a marble and a rubber band in it.  But when I read the label, I realised how sweet it really was.  This is what the label read;
An Eraser so you can make mistakes disappear.
Five Cent piece so that you are never broke again.
A Marble in case someone says you've lost yours.
A Rubber Band to stretch yourself to the limits.
A piece of String to tie when things begin to fall apart.
A Candle to shed some light on the situation.
A Heart to remind you that someone loves you.
A little Angel to guide and protect you.

How sweet is that!  I think that I'll keep this little pouch in the pocket of my handbag so that I can read it and cheer myself up when I'm feeling down.

So now that I'm back to my crafting again and now I'm back to knitting, crocheting and sewing like somebody obsessed.  I finally finished two of my Christmas gifts for my friends.  I will show you one now as I still have to post the other.  I just hope that they will like them!
This is one of my little crochet hook pouches that I made for the crochet expert in our knitting group.  I picked really girlie colours because she is so feminine and I thought that she would like them best.  One thing that I really must learn properly though is how to corners in bias binding.  I always end up sewing them by hand but I'm never happy with the end result. I know its only something small but if I hope eventually to open a shop on Etsy, they will need to be perfect.

Could anybody recommend a good tutorial site that I could look up?
Did you get a thoughtful gift over the Christmas season?
Chat you soon,


  1. What a dear little pouch! Thanks for sharing, xox

  2. What a fantastic little poem, love your pouch too! :) x

  3. Handmade is the best, isn't it? Love your little bag full of funny items (I have received one from my daughter, she had bought it at the school Mother's Day stall). Very clever idea!

  4. Very sweet of your friend! It will definitely cheer you up when you are down.


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