Sunday, 27 January 2013

Walking the Dog

This week I've had major problems with my broadband connection.  A few years ago it probably wouldn't have bothered me but now it drove me to distraction.  I couldn't look at other blogger's post and if I managed to access them I couldn't look at their beautiful pictures which is my favourite bit.  Nor could I post when I felt like it.  Pictures wouldn't upload or posts save.  Arrrhhhhhh technology!!!!

So I spent my week walking the dog in the lovely frost.  We walk along the canal and Molly loves to spend her time jumping in and out of the water.

She really spends more time swimming than walking.  But this week the canal was completely frozen and she was not a bit impressed at all.

Molly is a bit of a chicken.  In that I mean that she is scared of everything.....loud noises, horses, sheep, cows and most of all dogs that are bigger than her.  All along this path we are nearly guaranteed to meet at least some of these.  I think that is one of the reasons why she spends most of her time hiding in the water. But this is the middle of the bog and unfortunately these things cannot be avoided.
So this week when we came across the friendly, giddy dog but big dog at the end of our walk, she sat rooted to the spot behind my legs, peeping out through the gap between my legs.  My poor little furry friend!!

My new resolution has been working much better than the original one.  When the weather has permitted I've walked the dog. I've been cooking and baking and enjoying it much more because I stopped putting myself under pressure and then feeling deflated and disappointed because my day didn't meet all my expectations.  This has also left me so much more relaxed to crochet in the evenings and try to finish the baby toddler blanket.  It's growing rapidly B, I promise.

How are your resolutions going?  Did you make a change to them to make them better for you?
Hoping to be able to chat you soon,
Rosie xx


  1. Bet she came home lovely and clean! What is it about crochet, it seems to grow really quickly but still take an age to complete! :) x

  2. Well, as you know I didn't really make resolutions. But I have started on one of my challenges, which is of course knitting a sock. And instead of working on it I'm frittering away my time on the Internet.... :)

    Enjoy your walks! I hardy got out all week - too cold. But baking is a handy substitute.

  3. Hello Rosie (I love that name)!

    The rare times we have had broadband troubles I have felt the same frustration and then, like you, I decided to seize the opportunity to do something positive with my time. It's a good thing really.

    My desire to make something of this new year has slowly dawned on me. I had no resolutions to speak of but now I have hopes, dreams and a desire to work to make them happen.

    Have a great week,


  4. Sorry to hear that you've not been feeling so well Rosie. Pneumonia has knocked my resolutions into the long grass, but I'll get back to them.

    Your dog looks so sweet. I have a whippet that likes to swim, we can't keep him out of the river either!

  5. Ahh bless little Molly.....she is adorable! Would love to see the blanket when finished. I've started lots of crochet squares using aran wool...I am so hoping to get lots more done to make a huge blanket for the lounge, but I get so distracted by other little projects that I am doing. I need to be a bit more disciplined.....that should be my new resolution! :) Karen xx

  6. Hello Rosie,
    I am your Bobo Bun Blog partner! Not sure how it all works as I'm only 3 months old and this is all new to me. I can't email you via your blog because I have got the wrong server(?)so I shall give you and hope for the best. Lots of cybercitement from Eco Ethel xx


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