Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Inseparable Friends

These are two of my sons favourite teddies, Sizzle and Blue Monkey.  As you can see they are well worn from all the cuddles and hugs that they get.  Blue Monkey was the first teddy that I ever knitted and I was very pleased with how he turned out.  Unlike the second monkey that I made him which in my mind looks more like an Easter Island Head than a monkey.  But he loves them all the same and they go everywhere that he does.
Unfortunately last week he had to bring them to the hospital.  I had to rush him in on Monday afternoon because he was having very bad headaches that were stopping him from going to school.  But he was deemed well enough by Tuesday morning to go home and off we were sent with no explanations to what was happening.
By Friday morning he had grown even worse.  My heart was very heavy watching him crying with the pain and vomiting continually.  So off we headed again back to the hospital with the two monkeys in tow.  The nurses in A&E recognised the monkeys before us as my son clung to them with all of his strength.  Luckily we were hurried straight in to the treatment room so that he could lie down and rest.  That afternoon the monkeys kept us company through test after test and even a CT scan. 
By supper time we were admitted into our room and finally Patrick could rest with his two little friends.  We were there for the whole weekend waiting for the doctors to decide on a prognosis and begin treatment. It was finally thought to be acute migraine and he had to start on new medication.  But it was the monkeys that got the most attention.  As nurses that came and went from the room, they all stopped to look at these two knitted friends.  One even took a picture of them to show her kids.
It was a long, tedious week.  And I felt so guilty that all that I could do to help my son was hold his hand when he was awake and crying or sit alongside him quietly stitching while he slept. 
But slowly we could see the bright gleam of mischievousness once more appear in his big blue eyes.  And it wasn't long until he was no longer able to hold back his big bright smile. As soon as he began joking with the nurses and putting on plays with the monkeys, we knew that everything was getting better.  We are all back home now and Patrick although sad at having to leave his monkey friends sleeping in bed, is now back at school.

On our return I received a parcel from my Four Things Swap from my swap partner, Eco Ethel.  It was so well timed and it cheered me up immensely. Especially the bunting. Thank you so much Ethel.  I haven't had a chance to take photos of them yet but I will do soon and post them.

Rosie xx  


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  2. Oh, what a shame - hope he is feeling much better soon. Have those little knitted friends with him I'm sure helped him to cope.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. How awful for you all, and so worrying. Glad everything is ok now, it's amazing how much comfort soft toys can bring! :) x

  4. I'm so glad Patrick is feeling better. I know it often feels like you want to be doing more to help but just holding his hand and being with him is one of the most important jobs of all - and of course the company of two lovely toys x Jane

  5. That must have been very scary for you. Are migraines common in children? I occasionally get one, and they are truly awful, but at least as an adult you can rationalize it a bit, and know that it will pass in time. Sizzle and Blue Monkey must have been a comfort. I meant to say how nice all your pets are too.

  6. Poor little guy - I hope the new medication will set everything straight. What a very stressful week for you all. So glad you could be there to hold his hand when he was hurting, and that his teddies could be there to add a little security.

    Saying a prayer for him.


  7. I am glad Patric is feeling better. It must have been awful I remember when my children were little and they were admitted to hospital. It was a scary time I really sympathies with you. My girls still have there childhood teddies and they still love them.

  8. I hope this doesn't happen to your son again, poor little thing! Blue Monkey is cute, and looks very loved :-)

    Enjoy the day,
    Sarah xo

  9. I've had a very close look at that pinny and I can't find any wonky stichery. Hope Patrick is back on form and perhaps you will share that funting with him and play nicely! EE xx


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