Tuesday, 12 March 2013


First of all, I would like to thank everybody for their kind and caring comments about my sons illness.  They were truly welcome and helped to cheer me up no end to know that I have good bloggy friends out there.  Patrick is doing so much better now and even though he is still getting some headaches, he has been able to return to school and even played a GAA match for the school team on Sunday!  He scored a goal and he was smiling from ear to ear for a whole day after.

Just as I needed something to cheer me up after the stressful previous week the postman arrived with a neat little package from my Bobo Bun Swap partner, Ethel from Eco Ethel.

It contained four lovely pressies, all wrapped up in music sheets.  i loved the wrapping so much that I tried my best not to tear when opening them.  For colour there was a lovely "cake" badge, that is now sitting happily on my rucksack.
Vintage was a beautiful pink table mat with applique flowers.
For handmade Ethel sent me a sweet little button necklace, purple in colour.  And handy enough I had just bought a new jumper and I was looking for a necklace to go with it.  This one just suits the bill.
And finally my favourite, for handmade there were two Dandy comic buntings.  I just loved comics as a child and if I'm honest I still do.  So this was a perfect swap idea.
Thanks Ethel.  Your pressies cheered me up no end and it arrived just at the perfect time for me.

This is what I sent to Ethel:

For colour I made an apple and pear pinny.

For handmade I knitted a chunky handbag.  Perfect for carrying knitting WIPs.

Vintage was a small little coin purse.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the childhood pressie.  I thought that a wooden cup and ball toy would keep Ethel entertained.
For a first swap, I must say that I enjoyed it most thoroughly.  I will definitely do it again.

Do you enjoy swaps?  Did you get anything nice?
Rosie xx


  1. Hello, I am visiting from the tuesday tea party. I have never done a swap before but they do look like fun! I bet Ethel is thrilled with your handcrafted goodies! If I got a knitted chunky handbag, I know I would be thrilled!

  2. I have never done a swap, but now I want to! And I'm dying to know how that button necklace was made....

    What lovely presents on both sides. :)

  3. Hi - visiting from Tuesday Tea party. Love the pinny. Have never done a swap - would love to though. Have a great week!

  4. Such a lovely swap, glad your son is feeling better! :) x

  5. Hi Rosie, Lovely pics, I can see some wonky stitching now! Wish I could do such good close ups photos, could you just pop over and show me how? We were snowed in yesterday (down here in the southern tropics) so I have been busy crafting for my new shoppy shelf. Happy St Patrick's Day for Sunday, do you celebrate it?

  6. Are you in Ireland?? I am popping over from tea party Tuesdays... so glad to have found your blog!

    *waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel x

  7. What a lovely 'swap'! I haven't tried one yet, it must be exciting to receive and choose pressies. The purse is very cute! Love the fabric you used. Karen x

  8. Gosh Rosie, I missed these last two posts somehow. Which at least means I know things worked out okay with your son, but what a worry that must have been! I can see why your swap goodies cheered you up :D


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