Friday, 29 March 2013

Felling the need to bring spring into the house this week as there is no sign of it outside in this freezing cold weather.  It has been trying so hard to snow the last couple of days with the tiniest of snowflakes drifting down for only a few minutes at a time.  We were all disappointed that no snow stayed on the ground.  Unlike everybody else we got no snow this year and we were quite willing to take the burden from other places to enjoy it here for a while.  We seem to be stuck between seasons at the moment.  Feeling wintery still but spring not ready to be sprung.  So we decided to buy some beautiful bright primroses and plant them in an old orange box.  It definitely brightens up the window sill for Easter. The house is full of daffodils and tulips. The Easter tree is now dominating the kitchen table, it's branches laden with chocolate eggs and furry little chics.  The kids had a great time decorating it but I think that they will probably have more fun slowly picking away at those chocolate burdens!!

 Happy Easter to everybody!  I hope that the weather is good for all going egg hunting.  And for those that don't need to hunt for their eggs, don't forget that there is no such thing as 'too much chocolate' at Easter!!

Rosie xx

PS. Thank you to everybody that have become followers.  I get so excited when I see a new follower on my list and visiting all your blogs.  Even more exciting is when I get comments from you all.  It's so great to see that there is somebody out there reading my little blog.  Thank you all so much again.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I really thought Easter was going to be the turning point but we had a dumping of snow again this morning (short lived as the sun came out) and still bitterly cold. I hope bringing Spring into the house lifts your spirits - it did with us and the smell of hyacinths and lilies now fills every room! Have a wonderful Easter. Chel x

  2. I love the brightness of the flowers. For some reason, I don't buy flowers for the house. Seeing all the posts of pots of flowers making the dullness of these past days fly away has been a wonderful thing for me.


  3. Those flowers look so lovely Rosie! Hope you and your family have a lovely relaxing & fun Easter!

    Sarah xo

    PS I don't usually like to leave links in comments, but thought you might be interested in my recipe competition. Hope this is okay! :-)

  4. Happy Easter!! I too feel cheated by the snow. We only had a few flakes. :( Lovely daffodils photo! Karen x :)


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