Monday, 1 April 2013

A Hunting We Will Go...

Easter Sunday started off really well with big choc eggs galore.  This is mine, a lovely handcrafted Lir Co egg in a fantabby felt basket.  Sadly though i had to buy it for myself, knowing well that the Hubby was bound to forget.  And how right I was.  I was so glad that I bought this one.  The chocolate is thick and oh so velvety. plus I've been able to tease the Hubby for forgetting.  Mean aren't I!!

With icy cold wind blowing,we donned our bobble hats, sheepskin gloves and wellies and heading off to the Gruffalo forest to hunt for Easter Eggs.  In the deepest part of the forest, there is a small clearing and this is where the Easter Bunny lives.  We have been coming here to ask the Easter Bunny for eggs since the ids were able to walk.   And every single year he leaves a great trail of pretty foil covered eggs and maybe even a big choc bunny for each of the kids.

This year the hunt was the most difficult yet.  The eggs were really spread out and some were left in the strangest of places.  We were searching for over an hour but this made it even more fun.  The kids ran around frantically searching and screaming with excitement.

We ended up with a wonderful bounty of treats.  This is only half of what we collected.  We found eggs, beetles, ladybirds and bunnies.....all chocolate of course!

As we began to get too cold to stay out, I had to take a quick picture of this wonderful twisted tree.  It's amazing what can be found on nature.
Time for us all to have a glimpse at the pool in the forest to see how the frog spawn and tadpoles are getting on.  It was good to see that this spring time ritual is still going strong in this cold weather.  As the wind was beginning to sting our faces, we headed home to feast on our treats, the car smelling of chocolate and the rubber from our wellies.  Great day had all round.

Rosie xx


  1. It sounds like so much fun Rosie! The forest looks really interesting too!

  2. ~ The magic of nature is all around you in a 'enchanted forest or wood land...ENJOY.....I was blog browsing and I smiled at your comment of getting so happy....when you have a new follower...I am the same ! LOVE Nina....I have a kittie very much the same...( Actually I have four kitties) Ooh too many! hehe..Leaving with a smile :) Maria x

  3. How exciting, visiting the Easter Bunny's home and finding all that yummy chocolate, special time :) xx

  4. They love eggs hunts don't they, mind you I think the adults love them too! :) x

  5. It sounds like great fun. I want one of those big chocolate eggs :)


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