Monday, 22 April 2013

A Secret Obsession

I must admit that I have a secret love!
A love of little things that are small and colourful and often round.
My love is for all things buttony.

I cannot walk past a habadashery shop without stopping to buy some more to add to my collection.
This pizza tray is at least five buttons deep.

I mean how could you walk away from these beauties.  
To me it's just unthinkable.

I have both new and vintage in the mix here.  
My local charity shop saves them off clothes heading to recycling and then sells bags of them for only a couple of cent.

These 2" buttons were found there.  
I just had to give them a home.

So the other day I decided that I wanted to make something special with all of these little treasures.  my large sweet jar that I normally keep them in was beginning to overflow.

I decided on a butterfly picture for my daughters bedroom wall.  
Lucy helped me to pick out the colours and to set them out.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out....
but what do you think?

Rosie xx

PS Only 8 more days until my blog's first birthday!!  
I'm thinking about a competition.
More to be revealed on my birthday.


  1. How gorgeous is your button butterfly picture?! Of course as a fellow button freak I am biased, but it really is lovely. And well done you for using buttons, I often just collect, and collect... and collect...

  2. I often have a bit of a doodle with my buttons but have never created anything quite that pretty - I'm sure your daughter loves it (and it gives you an excuse to buy some more!)
    Well done x Jane

  3. It's a brill picture, even better that you made it together! :) x

  4. Rosie, it's spectacular! How did you stick them to the canvas?

    I especially love the giant green buttons with slots, and the hot pink one (on the left) with the textured rim.

  5. Another button lover here :-) I recently started collecting though, so my stash is very small. I love what you've done with the butterfly! So pretty :-)

  6. Me too...what is it about buttons? I could talk for hours but my family tell me to 'button it!' Lovely buttonfly. EE xx

  7. A fellow button collector here too.
    The butterfly pic is lovely.
    Have you seen the initial artworks on pinterest-

  8. Dearest Rosie
    Firstly can i thank you for you comments on my blog and secondly say thanks so much for your great tip on stuffing those teeny cherries, brilliant idea,thanks x I too am a big button fan and adore what you and your daughter have done with these pretty beauties. She will no doubt treasure the memory of making the butterfly together. It's good fun when our kids want to be creative with us, special times xxx Penny

  9. What a lovely butterfly, or should I say buttonfly.

  10. What a lovely button butterfly! I love all my buttons too.....really need to start using them more! Karen x

  11. I cannot walk past buttons too and I've sorted mine out and placed in jars too. They look so cute. My collection has been handed down through 3 generations. I collect but find it hard to let go. Love your blog, have added to my reading list.

    J xx


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