Friday, 19 April 2013

Wriggling With Excitement

A few days ago while I was in my local Charity shop, I asked the owner if they ever got any donations of tablecloths.  She told me that the ones that they get can be very stained and not suitable for sale.  but  when i told her that I had read somewhere that these old stains can be removed with lemon juice, vinegar and sunshine, she said that if I have a use for them she will keep them aside for me.
So today after feeling low coming out of the doctors surgery, I decided to have a little look in my favourite shop.  The owner gave me the fright of my life when, as I opened the door, she screamed "you're here" at me and pottered into the back room.  Curious/shocked because I can never remember causing such joy to a shop owner on entering, I stood rooted to the spot until she returned with a bulging bag.  "Here's your tablecloths!!!".  I couldn't believe my eyes.  She told me they were stained and so had to be recycled if I didn't want them and so would not take any money for them.
Thrilled I jumped into the car and flew back home breaking all speed limits on the way.  I just could not wait to see what this huge bag contained.  I rushed threw the door, giving the dog a terrible fright and threw my jacket and bag on the floor.

As I slowly unpacked the bag, my excitement grew more and more, not believing my eyes at it's content.
There was:

Some beautiful lace edged handkerchiefs and one with gorgeous hand embroidered designs on it.

Two old tasselled cushion covers.

Four of these hand stitched table runners made from Irish Linen.

Two cute little embroidered linen doilies.

One large linen table cloth.  And green is one of my favourite colours too!!  Apologies for the creases.  I was so excited about sharing these with you, I didn't have time to iron them.
There was also 15 beautiful immaculate Irish Linen napkins.  Irish Linen is very hard to find now and is only made for export!  How stupid is that??  So to get these just makes me jump for joy.  Some of these pieces are badly stained but it's definitely worth a try cleaning them.

And there was one more thing down at the bottom of the bag...........

this dress.  Wow wasn't expecting that!  It just needs a good clean and it will be just perfect.

Must go now and begin with all this where did I read about that lemon juice and vinegar solution?

Hope you all have a great weekend,
Rosie xx


  1. Wow - that's quite a haul. I love the large tablecloth. Now let's hope you manage to get it all hanging on the line x Jane

  2. What an incredible haul!!!! Such amazing vintage treasures and the dress is lovely too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. How fantastic, what will you do with them? :) x

  4. How exciting, what a special surprise of loveliness. Even if stains can't be removed on everything, you can cover, hide and cut to remake :) xx

  5. Wow, that is such a coincidence. I bought an embroidered tablecloth from a charity shop last weekend. It is stained in the middle, but all round the edge is beautiful embroidery, and I had the idea I could upcycle it in some way. Not quite sure how, but now you have got me thinking that perhaps I can get the stains out. Would love to know what you are going to do with your stash. But I think perhaps the dress is the best.


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