Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Old Magnolia Tree

The old magnolia tree was planted by my mother in the year that I was born and now each spring it is flushed with blooms indicating that the summer is on the way, the first promise of warmer weather and long sunny days.  To me it not only signifies strength and beauty but also it reminds me of my family and my childhood. And it delights me to see that my children too love to climb to its top and play under the shadow of its wide embracing branches.
I've been struggling with the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia for the past eight years now.  Even though it has stolen a lot of time away from me, with the support of my family I've somehow finally found the strength to fight back. I'm beginning to build a new life for myself and it's quite exciting. For even though I resent this horrible condition that has battered and bruised my body both physically and emotionally it has made me appreciate so much more what life has to offer and I've learned to enjoy the little things and moments in life and to treasure them.
And that is why I've called this blog after that old magnolia tree in my parents garden because now my life is blooming after a long hard winter and now I'm looking forward to the brighter summer that lies ahead.

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  1. Hi! I'm Cynthia from the Poconos of PA! I have two of these trees in my yard and thought they were some kind of Magnolia tree. I saw one called a Tulip Magnolia that looks very similar. Do you know if they are the same as you have pictured here? My Louisiana friends didn't think it was a Magnolia as theirs in Louisiana has a white and much larger blossom. I also have a couple of flowering Dogwoods and another that produces a flower that looks something like a pink carnation. Any idea what that is? I too, share your love of having some needlework in my hands as often as possible. My family thinks I'm addicted, and I guess they are right! Well, thanks for any information you can share with me about these trees! Have a wonderful Spring!


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